What we do.... how and why we do it?

We longed to know the “real Peru” and wanted true experiences for our family.
The kind of experiences that would create special memories for life... marvelous and happy memories that would shape us, help us grow and flourish, and make us see the world and its people from a different  and unique perspective.

We go to “touristy and not so touristy places”.
We talk, eat, and share with the people we meet along the way. 
We take in as much as we can and also leave with them as much as possible.
We experience places and events without interfering, and enjoy the little and big details each day brings.

That is what we offer... our Peru and all of what it comes with…the wonderful food, the unimaginable
places, unbelievable sites, rich culture and everyday people.

If this is the kind of trip you are looking for, take your chance with us and create memories that will remain
with you for a lifetime.

Daniel, Maricarmen and Mateo